Bengt’s Chilli Oil

We’re delighted to add a new product to our range, one which you might be surprised to see there. Why on earth Chilli Oil? It has nothing to do with wild mushrooms! Or Sweden…

The reason is that our passion is, quite simply, for good ingredients with delicious flavours. Bengt’s particular love is for chilli in all it’s forms, and over the years he has made a delicious chilli oil for personal use that family and friends describe as ‘addictive’. So it seemed selfish to not let others try it too!

It’s full of flavour, with a good sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds to give it crunch, and a lovely chilli kick. It makes a great dipping oil with a good bread, is lovely with pasta, perfect for adding to breakfast eggs, on top of curries, you name it. It more or less goes with everything savoury you want a chilli flavour in!

At the moment you can buy it in the North West at Millers’ Refillers in New Mills; Epicerie Ludo in Chorlton; Back’s Deli in Heaton Moor and Dutsons in Marple Bridge, with more stockists to be added as we roll it out.

We hope you enjoy trying it!