Come and taste dried Winter Chanterelles at Eighth Day, Manchester

Tasting coming up! We’ll be at the lovely Eighth Day Vegetarian Healthfood Shop & Cafe on Oxford Rd in Manchester on Tuesday 5 Feb, from 11-2. If you haven’t tried Winter Chanterelles before, now’s your chance. This little forest floor mushroom packs a taste punch well above its weight! We have a recipe on our website for a delicious Winter Chanterelle soup that knocks the socks off your average bland soup made with button mushrooms, and once you’ve tasted them in a sauce you won’t want any other. The taste is sharper and more earthy than Porcini, which is often described as having a mild, nutty flavour, and so lends itself to other strong tasting ingredients – game forĀ instance, or a good strong tasting cheese. The big advantage of dried mushrooms of course is their long shelf life, making them a really useful kitchen cupboard staple. And if you want the pleasure of picking them in the wild yourselves, then come with us to Sweden on one of Gather & Cook short breaks!

Winter Chanterelles in a Swedish forest