Fine foods deserve fine photos!

Award winning porciniLife has been a bit more exciting since we entered our porcini, hand picked in West Sweden, into the Great Taste Awards this time last year. We really didn’t know what to expect, and it still feels amazing to think that we won not just the coveted three stars and a Top 50 placement but also Ambient Product of the Year. We’d encourage anyone with a food product they believe in to take the plunge and enter. The Guild of Fine Food is an organisation that is respected world wide and their Great Taste Awards are an absolute guarantee of excellence. We look out for the stickers every time we shop these days!

Being a small business means that most of what goes on is done by us. The picking, the sorting, the drying, the marketing, the photos…. Until now that is. We could see that the quality of our food images wasn’t quite up to scratch, so last week we had a thoroughly enjoyable day in the kitchen with ace food photographer Rob Whitrow who transformed our mushroom dishes into gourmet food pics. We’re absolutely delighted with Rob’s fine work, some of which you can see here. We’ll be showing them off properly when we update the recipe page & bring out a new range of recipe cards soon.

Winter chanterelle & stilton pate

Photo by