Go wild in the woods….

Well the mushroom season is officially upon us. We spent a happy evening foraging in the Goyt Valley in Derbyshire’s¬†beautiful Peak District and came home with a little handful of chanterelles and a fine Russula. Just enough for a sandwich, as the Swedes say! Fried in butter with a touch of seasoning and served on toast – fantastic.


If you’re out in the woods or moorlands keep your eyes open for bilberries or wimberries as they are also known. It’s peak season now so get there before the birds do to get your share of this delicious wild berry. Purple fingers and tongues are all part of the fun!

Bilberry and wild strawberriesBilberry harvestBilberry ice cream

Berry ice-cream has been our favourite make this glorious summer, starting with blackcurrant and now bilberry. This lovely easy ripple recipe¬†from the Irish Food Guide is suitable for both, doesn’t require a machine and is ready in 4 hours. Enjoy!