Pan fried hedgehogs

The fungal variety, obviously!

This is one of our favourite quick and easy recipes using a delicious autumn mushroom, Hedgehog mushrooms Hydnum repandumthe Hedgehog, called Taggsvamp in Sweden. Found on forest floors, or the edges of fields close to trees (especially beech), the Hedgehog mushroom (Hydnum repandum) is easy to spot with its wide brimmed creamy hat and the tiny ‘spikes’ underneath, often fruiting in a line. It can’t be mistaken for any other funghi and the only other ones in that family are also edible, just not as tasty, so it is classed as a beginner’s mushroom.

Once you’ve found your mushrooms, make sure you clean them before you put them in your basket. Cut the soily bit off the foot and brush off any other vegetation. When you get back home, place the whole hats in a pan and heat gently. Let the mushrooms absorb the liquid that is driven off during heating and when that process is complete, let them cool.

The underside of the Hedgehog Mushroom showing the 'spines'.Hedgehog Mushroom

While they’re cooling, beat an egg and put some breadcumbs seasoned with salt and pepper on a plate. Other spices like paprika can be added to taste. Trim the foot off the hat so it’s nice and flat, then pat dry with kitchen paper. Melt a large knob of butter in a pan, then dip the hats first in the egg then in the breadcrumbs, and fry for around 10 minutes on low heat, turning once, until golden brown.  Serve with lemon juice, tartare sauce or whatever tickles your fancy. Smaklig måltid as the Swedes say!