Tasting coming up and other autumn news

We’ve had a lovely busy autumn taking people out on forays in Derbyshire and then heading back to West Sweden for the big Winter Chanterelle pick. Coming up on Saturday 4 November is a tasting at the wonderful Epicerie Ludo in Chorlton.

We have so much fun going out with groups, who are always a cheery bunch whatever the Derbyshire weather decides to throw at us. After a gentle wander around the fields and woods we gather around the picnic tables to go over what we’ve found – and what we’ve brought with us in case we don’t find anything – then enjoy a fry up of wild mushrooms and sausages. The home made cake afterwards always goes down a storm as well! We get emails for weeks afterwards with photos of finds our guests want to check with us, and it’s great to know that we’ve both enthused them and given them the confidence to start picking beginner’s mushrooms (ie ones that can’t be mistaken for any other non-edible mushroom) by themselves.

Picking in West Sweden – and simply being home – is always lovely. There’s a mellow peace and quietness in the woods at this time of year, and warm muted colours that help stress levels ebb away. We head out after breakfast to one of our tried and trusted spots, pick for a couple of hours, sometimes companionably in the same place, or away from each other, letting the thoughts meander as we search and pick, then head back for our picnic. Most days we’ll set out again after lunch for another couple of hours before the light goes. When we get home the mushrooms go on the drying racks and are ready the day after to be packed into airtight bags. It’s an autumn activity – and way of life – we highly recommend!