Wild Mushroom Tapenade

Wild Mushroom TapenadeWe love to try new recipe ideas to see what works with our dried mushrooms. Especially the Winter Chanterelles, because the only other place we’ve seen them on sale dried is Sweden, and the taste is so different to the Porcini and other ceps you find in the shops here in the UK. They have a delicious tang that makes them particularly suitable to use with other strong flavours, and having tried (and enjoyed) a commercial mushroom tapenade before we really wanted to find a recipe that would work with our wild beauties. And here it is! We hope you’ll find, like us, that the combination of Winter Chanterelles and black olives is a match made in heaven. This dish will only take you 30 mins at the most to prepare and makes a fantastic appetiser to have on its own or with other tapas. You’ll find how to make it on our recipe page. Enjoy!

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