3 star award!

GT 15 3-star

What an exciting day! We can now finally reveal that our porcini mushrooms have won 3 stars – the highest accolade – in the prestigious Great Taste Awards. We are so extremely happy and proud that a product that we pick with love and dry with care has been recognised as being of the highest quality it can achieve.

Here are just some of the judges comments: ” Very beautiful slices. Gorgeous clear, clean, bright soaking liquor. Gently and simply cooked they have remarkable, gentle yet distinctive fungal flavour. Truly amazing.”

“Fabulous – the combination of delicacy with such a subtle degree of pungency is truly wonderful. A lovely taste of forest floor with none of the murky mustiness of many dried porcini.”

“Stunning flavour, perfectly intense.”

We are so lucky to be able to spend time in the forests of beautiful West Sweden, Bengt’s homeland, and then come back to lovely north Derbyshire where we pack and distribute to some of the nicest delis and shop owners in the North West and the UK! Many thanks again to Karl Sinfield for his great eye catching label designs.

GF Winter Chanterelle GF Porcini GF Forest Mix

Now we’re looking forward to going to Sweden next week, for a well earned holiday interspersed with lots of mushroom picking. It is the start of the new season after all! Then there are funghi forays coming up in the autumn, more picking, and a few tastings planned…..

Thanks to everyone who sells or buys our dried wild mushrooms, and all the mushroom lovers that come on our forays, for all your support and enthusiasm. We truly love what we do!

Deb & Bengt, Get Funghi