Mail order mushrooms

If you don’t happen to live near any of our stockists and are wondering how you can get your hands on our delicious wild mushrooms from Sweden then wonder no more – you can buy them direct from our London stockist Scandinavian Kitchen. They have a fantastic online shop packed with lots of other Scandinavian goodies to try as well, and ship all over the UK mainland. The link above will take you directly to their website.

In stock at the moment are Winter Chanterelle, Porcini and Forest Mix. Many thanks to Tim Hensel Photography for our swish new product photos.

GF Forest Mix GF Porcini GF Winter Chanterelle


We’ll shortly be travelling ‘home’ to lovely West Sweden for holiday/mushroom picking – can’t wait to see what this year’s season will be like. Here’s a photo from last year, when there were so many top quality porcini and ceps we were tripping over them!

Porcini paradise, West Sweden August 2014