A busy weekend ahead for Get Funghi!

Our home town of New Mills is fairly buzzing at the moment while the Festival is on. Two weeks of fantastic arts, music and other events really put the place on the cultural map. This weekend is especially busy for us as we always do the catering for the popular Arts and Crafts Fair ‘Made in New Mills’ which takes place this Saturday 22nd September from 10am – 3pm. Wild Mushroom toasties anyone?

Then on Sunday afternoon it’s the first of our Fungus Forays, through the fields and woods of New Mills, ending at the White Hart Pub where we’ll examine our harvest and have a taste of Winter Chanterelle mushroom soup. It’s going to be exciting seeing what’s growing around here this year – last year we found a nice selection of porcini and ceps, waxcaps, and russulas for instance. Both dates are fully booked now and we’re always really pleased that so many are interested in learning more about beginners edible mushrooms – apologies to all those we had to turn down, hopefully we will see you next year!

For more information about New Mills Festival click here.