Gather and Cook in Sweden!

We had a great week with some guests from the UK on their first trip to Sweden. The weather gods smiled on us and we picked and sampled a good range of delicious edible mushrooms including chanterelles, hedgehog mushrooms, winter chanterelles, ceps, and russulas, both on their own and in some very tasty dishes such as mushroom risotto and Schnitzelled Hedgehogs – recipe to follow! Bengt wasn’t joking when he said at the beginning of the week that there would ┬ábe a little test and we were very proud of our students who successfully managed to identify three main characteristics of five of the beginners mushrooms we’d found. There are photos and updates on our Facebook page if you want to read a bit more about our outings, and do get in touch if you want more information about coming to Sweden with us to gather and cook your own mushrooms!