Coming up….

DSCF1171Nice to be announcing that our next wild mushroom tasting is going to be back on home ground in New Mills. We’ll be serving Winter Chanterelle toasties for you to nibble as you mooch in Doc Greens, the lovely, well stocked veg shop/deli on Union Rd, this Saturday 11 July 10 – 1pm.

In common with lots of other small towns, high street shopping here has taken a bashing over the last few years but we’re lucky to have a core of great shops (including the fantastic High Street Books & Records, and The Gallery) that make it a pleasure to spend your money locally, and if you haven’t visited New Mills before our other big attraction is the spectacular Torrs Riverside Park, the deep gorge cutting under and through the town, with the famous Millenium Bridge linking the two ends. The park is also home to the first community owned Archimedes Screw in the country. The Torrs Hydro hydro electric scheme generates clean, green electricity and operates for the benefit of the community.

In other words you’d be bonkers not to make the effort to come and see what the town has to offer, as well as do your weekend shopping, and taste our delicious wild mushrooms at the same time. See you then!