Recipe ideas

Get Funghi dried wild mushrooms from SwedenA lot of people ask us at our tastings for recipe suggestions. Not all of us are used to using dried wild mushrooms in the kitchen, so we’re more than happy to help out with ideas. We also like to point out what a great store cupboard standby dried mushrooms are. A little goes a long way, with such a concentration of flavour, and there’s no waste – you use what you need and they don’t go off like the fresh ones you buy with good intentions that then go slimy and horrible at the back of the fridge….

Potted mushroomsLast weekend we made a new dish, using dried porcini, that we really loved – Potted Mushrooms. Quick and easy to prepare, and perfect as a starter or a sumptuous supper dish. Why not have a go at making it yourself? Full details are now on our recipe page, along with many of our other favourites ways of cooking wild mushrooms.


Bon appetit!