Get Funghi porcini pasta recipe

I’m really delighted that both my sons are accomplished and enthusiastic cooks who truth be told have surpassed my skills in the kitchen department. I love getting picture messages of their latest creations but wouldn’t it be great if mobile phones included a transportation device so that a bowl of something delicious arrived on my table instead!

Joe’s Get Funghi porcini pasta – quick, easy and delicious.

Put the dried porcini in warm water until just covered, and soak for 20-30 minutes until soft. Drain & keep the liquid. Fry the mushrooms in butter, add fresh mushrooms and herbs (thyme and or sage as desired), season & add a dash of Get Funghi porcini powder if you have any. Cook down for 5 minutes or so, add the soaking liquid and simmer to reduce, then stir in mascarpone. Serve with wide pasta like pappardelle and top with Parmesan or a similar hard cheese. Buon appetito!