What can you use Get Funghi porcini powder in?

Well the quick answer is, just about everything!

We add a teaspoon or so to a bechamel to make an instant mushroom sauce, to soups, casseroles and stews of all kinds to add an umami kick, to home made pastry for a mushroom pie, or to home made pasta….the list is almost endless. We’ve even tried it in a biscuit recipe from a Swedish friend. It was fun getting people to guess what the secret ingredient was! But our favourite so far has to be this Swedish seed crispbread, which also happens to be gluten free.

It’s really easy to make but keep an eye on it if your oven is getting a little unreliable heat wise like mine is.

Seed Crispbread with Porcini Powder

Set oven to 140/150°C depending on your oven.

Cover a baking tray (approx 30 x 40cm) with grease proof paper.


• 1 dl sesame seeds
• 1 dl pumpkin seeds
• 1 dl sunflower seeds
• 1 dl cornflour
• 1 heaped table spoon Get Funghi Porcini Powder
• 1/2 dl whole linseeds
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 1/2 dl rapeseed or olive oil
• 2 dl boiling water

Mix all the dry ingredients together, stir in the oil and then the boiling water. Let it stand and thicken for 15 minutes.

Place in the middle of the greaseproof paper on the baking tray, cover with another piece and roll out thinly until it more or less fills the tray. Remove the top piece of greaseproof and bake for 30 – 50 minutes, depending on your oven.

Slide the crispbread on the greaseproof onto a rack and leave to cool. Break into pieces & keep in an airtight container if it doesn’t all get eaten straight away!