More tastings, new stockists – it’s going to be a busy summer!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We just love visiting new delis and cafes and their owners. There are so many passionate, committed foodies out there who put in outrageous hours to make their businesses successful but who always find time to meet us and say very nice things about our products! We must thank Karl Sinfield again for his brilliant logo and label design, which everyone comments on.

Today I visited The Little Deli Company on Stamford Park Rd in Hale to drop off some Winter Chanterelles and Horn of Plenty,and we will be doing a tasting there on Saturday 20th July from 1-3pm. They will provide a good mature cheddar and a nice rye bread for us to use to make the Winter Chanterelle toasties, so they should be extra tasty!

On the way there I popped in to Back’s deli on Heaton Moor Rd, another fabulous and very busy emporium, with a lovely deli and cafe, and we’ll be selling our mushrooms there from this weekend onwards. Very exciting! They’re just down the road from the new Kro Bar, the newest one of the Manchester based Danish chain. Hmm, just thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if Swedish wild mushrooms were on the menu there…

Before I forget, we’re happy to be visiting our chums at On the Eighth Day on Oxford Road in Manchester this coming Friday, 12th July for a tasting between 11am and 2pm. Always a lovely place to visit. Great staff, a fantastic selection of organic and vegetarian foods, and a wonderful cafe.